About Us: D-One Team

Softwares are entirely designed and developed by D-One, a software house that strives every day to offer and create valuable products for businesses.

In D-One we work to provide little and medium companies with solution tailored to their needs, because we know what they need and we strive to offer products that have the completeness of functions and the reliability of the systems studied, usually for large companies, but that are simple, intuitive and economical.

Our team is composed by highly qualified technicians, always ready to answer to client needs, to assist and help them, to can garantee always a highly level assistance, with targeted consultancy and ad hoc training.

If you choose D-One and our management softwares you have the certainty of having a solid and professional partner at your side, but above all with decades of experience behind it.

Our mission is to support companies throughout their path of innovation and adoption of the best management solutions.