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Web service for collecting requests

Online service for the collection of customer requests integrated into the management system through a Form to be filled in

Online tool for the collection of customers requests integrated in the management Software. An adaptable Form in the fields to be filled in, with text, photos, attachments description. The Online Request is sent by the Customer to Request Quotes, report accidents with photos, directly from the Portal of the company with customized logo to be easily recognizable. The complete Online Service that organizes Requests directly in the company management and informs with email notifications to report the new Request arrived.
All centralized in one Multichannel System, with alerts that notify the company not to miss any customer Request.

The service includes:

- Online service activation on Windows, Web, MAC, Android and iOS Apps
- Web portal with company logo
- creation of custom fields in the Request Form and fields with drop-down lists
- division of requests by departments with distinct colours, attached to the heading table
- activation of authomatism of email sending to the sending of the request from the Portal


Purchase the Web Service for the collection of requests in the program. You will be contacted by one of our technicians to agree on the details of the work.
In the meantime, we also suggest you to send us by email a copy of your current documents or forms with the data you would like to be structured.

For any doubt write us to help@d-one.info

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