Customizable software and App for the data manage for company and private use.

Customizable software and App for the data manage for company and private use.

  • Database set up for Windows PC, Android and iOS smartphone and tablet
  • Synchronization between devices via the cloud
  • Complete control of the whole system

  • Nios 4 is a software with multi-user login and data synchronization for Windows, Android and iOS. Design of the structure and of the insertion interface, import via exporter of Excel and CSV files. The software is designed both for companies and for private use and is customizable for any type of information: warehouse, invoices, project management, logistics, orders etc ...

    What Nios 4 can do

    It can design database with multiple tables and complex relationships, mathematical expressions, data export in Excel. It can synchronize database on all the Windows Desktop, Android and iOS devices and much more.

    Simple design

    The interfaces design is simple thanks to the editor. The fields (date, checkbox, image, value etc...) move with drag and drop inside of interface and you can change their length and their colors.

    Intuitive record management

    Nios 4 show the record like a table. The table view is highly customizable and it is possible change their leight and the columns order, sort and filter the insertions.

    Usefull for more uses

    Nios 4 is the perfect way to keeping track of the personal and company data: orders, shipping, travel and trips, warehouse, invoices, project management and anythings else you want to design. The software is suitable to project manager that need to manage project and team, to couriers and logistics workers that need to follow the shipments and other business uses.


    The database can be synchronized and used on Windows Desktop, Android and iOS devices. It's possible share the file on local network to collaborate with colleagues, friends and family members. All changes made by individual users will be synchronized.

    Personalized prints

    Nios 4 allows to create their prints thanks to the editor. It is possible duplicate the prints already create to use the same layout for all the documents without need to create many times the print.

    Calculations processor

    The documents set up is highly editable thanks to the possibility to setting up their own calculations into the table fields.


    The software is highly customizable, it is not necessary to be programmers to make changes. The user can customize it according to his needs.

    Collaborators network

    Thanks to cloud synchronization among devices it is possible to set up a collaborators network whereby share data. It can manage the assignment of personal data and documents to any user and receive data in real time.

    Other Nios 4 features

  • Convenient editor to create readable and pleasant data entry interfaces
  • Import and export data in Excel
  • Multiple tables, matched and nested
  • 24 fields type supported: e-mail, telephone, text, checkbox, date, file, imagine, geographic location, digital signature etc...
  • Lists and labels
  • Always up-to-date data backup to ensure you do not lose them
  • With cloud synchronization and local network sharing, you can use the database on different devices: computers, tablets, laptops, telephones
  • 6 preset database models that allow easy editing
  • Checking the position of the addresses on the map
  • Searches with filters and advanced reports
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