GO TO CLOUD - Here are 6 good reason to do it now:

1. Mobility

Work wherever you want, on all your devices. In a simple and quick way you can switch from your Smartphone to your PC and work via the Web wherever you are connected to the Internet.


2. Update and sharing

Always and only work with updated data, wherever you have modified them before and share them in real time with whomever you want.



3. Security

On the Cloud you have Automatic Data Backup, which is essential today to prevent problems arising from viruses and any blockages in the functioning of the media you work with.


4. Customization

Edit the fields and sections of the program according to your work habits and through Cloud synchronization you will find all the changes made, wherever you have installed it.


5. Cost reduction

The management of data in the Cloud involves a monthly / annual operational expenditure that is easily manageable and programmable, without supply constraints and internal hardware.


6. Technological innovation

The Cloud is the universally recognized tool used by the whole world of work, it is a technology that is always in step with technological innovations and the programs update automatically.