Modification and customization of your management program

D-One Management software provides a variety of instruments and tools to modify and adapt your data management program. This potential allows to rapidly create of personalized and easy to develop solutions whatever information management you're need of.

The whole system was designed to be used by beginners, who do not have basic computer skills, up to programmers, who will be able to appreciate the program's potential to change. Basically, there are three levels of development: the first one, where the user can modify and add fields, modify prints and tables in order to create his data registers according to his own needs; the second level, where the systems automation of the system are used, such as: calculation expressions, automatic extraction and processing data etc ...; the last level being the introduction of programming scripts directly within the program in order to be able to have even greater control over the information. All changes made to the program may be used by all of your clients. This means that the changes ot the database structure, including the scripts created on the Windows clients, will be visible and functional even on Android and iOS mobile clients.

We are at your disposal for questions and explanations. D-One's management platforms are constantly upgraded and developed in order to deliver systems that can meet the growing demands. We recommend you to look over the technical documentation where the developers' specifications and blog are updated, so that you can always be up to date with the new developments and ongoing changes.

Fully customizable

Create, in just a few steps, your perfect management program. Make it grow with you by adding new features and new possibilities. The D-One's platforms are the only ones that can be changed by passing from "zero line code" up to creating complex automation to manage your information.


Advanced scripting system

Through the Lua, one of the world's most complete scripting languages, you have the total control of your data. Modify your uploads, saved and management data to create a system even more suited to your needs. Modify every aspect to create true mobile applications that meets 100% to your needs.


Ready for the Internet of Things

The D-One's management programs are the only low-cost systems that can be used to build IoT data collection systems. You can create telepresence systems, hardware to recover values from atmospheric sensors, etc. Connect all through Linux and make this data available to anyone you want.


Complete APIs to communicate with the Nios4 Cloud

Take advantage of D-One's Cloud technology platforms to be able to interact directly with the data server. Through the powerful management APIs, you can connect your e-commerce or your Web portal to create powerful data interchange systems from and to the D-One's management software. You can save your current Web infrastructure without having to create another new one.


Daemon interchange services from and to other management program

Add the mobile version to your current management program. Through the D-One's dedicated data sharing Daemons, it is possible to create an interchange system between your management program and the D-One's Cloud. This also allows your current management program to use Android and iOS smartphones without having to change it.


White label

Create your own management program that you can sell to your customers, with your brand. The D-One's management platform programmers can create a management system with your logo and your name, giving you the opportunity to have your own product to sell as you want.