Cloud data synchronization

Nios 4 with data synchronization in cloud allow you to manage your data among more devices, pc, smartphones, tablets and then to carry them always with you.

Have you ever found yourself working around and needing a customer number? Or having to make a quote or an invoice to a customer? Or maybe having to check the stock of a product?

This could be your solution!

Cloud allow you to synchronize your data among more devices, without users limits.

You can manage your invoices, your estimates and other all functions of your management software, wherever you are. 

This will allow you greater freedom in managing your business, allowing you to save time and therefore money. You will not need to fined yourself in the ofice to create documents ora enter a new clients.

You can always take your databse with you, working from home, at client or wherever you want, as if you were in the office. In additional, CLOUD version gives you all the features of the PRO version.

you will have the security of never losing your data.

You have the possibility to choose between 3 differt sizes, to have a service that better suits your real needs.



You can simply make an estimate at your office and complete it at home.




You can mange your appointments while your are out of office.



giacenza You can verify the ware stock while you are at a customer without call at your office.


Documenti You can manage your documents made from your employees at the office wherever you are.