Brand customization


With the D-One's management system, it is possible to create your own product to resell to your own clients. In fact, the system was designed to be rebranded, changing its name and logo. Being based on database templates, any product can have a fully customized database with highly vertical management. For example, it is possible to create a management program for a well-defined market segment with his features and costs. In this way, is not necessary to start from zero to create a management product, but it will be possible to use at maximum the D-One platform's potential.

Currently, D-One has created two by-products for the foreign market:



The collecting and managing of technical interventions system



The collecting orders system


The two programs are obtained from the D-One's system and are dedicated to a well-defined market segments. This year, another 5 applications from this category will be released and two rebranding for the construction site and transport management.