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150.00 €
/ one-off

Intervention Reports' assignment to multi-technicians

Multiple assignment of daily Work Reports on several Technicians with display in the Calendar

The solution to digitize the workloads assigned to field technicians.
Keep track of the activities carried out by Technicians, on different work sites and for Customer and Order, filled in Digital Reports directly from the App.
It assigns to more technicians all the activities to be carried out in the same Work Report, in order to have the total count of the activities to be invoiced to the single Customers. Avoid entering data manually in the billing management. Simplify the Search of reports in the management and you have the Archiving of the history always at hand.

We set the function in the work report to have a list of technicians to choose, with activities, materials and services used, hourly rates, location of activity referred to the customer.


The service includes:

- creation of the technical list field
- connection of the field to the Work Report Module
- add up to 10 Technicians in Work Reports
- Appointments' visualization in Calendar for each technician taken from the Job Report
- Valid for 1 Document only



Purchase the Work Reports assignment service to multitechnicians. You will be contacted by one of our Technicians to agree on the details of the work. In the meantime, we also suggest you to email us a copy of your Report with the data you would like to be executed in the Management Software.

For any doubt write us to help@d-one.info

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